Deanship of Students' Affairs

Vision and Mission


Achieving the elements of a stimulating environment with integrated services that help in academic achievement and creativity.


Excellence in student life services, including housing, food, boat, and services in accordance with international standards of quality, in order to achieve the university’s vision of knowledge perfection and skill excellence.

Our Goals

  • Providing a suitable residential environment that suits students of knowledge.
  • Achieving reassurance and comfort for students to help them in academic excellence.
  • Maintaining students’ fitness and physical health by providing a medical clinic, sports facilities, and providing a variety of healthy meals.
  • Developing students' cognitive energies in extracurricular activities by providing a unit of activities in the university residence and the residence library.
  • Helping the student to provide other service facilities inside the residence, such as restaurants, laundry and groceries.
  • Taking into account the financial conditions of the student by setting a nominal fee for housing and food services.
  • Providing three meals for students through restaurants that offer a variety of healthy meals according to high quality standards at nominal prices.
  • Facilitating transportation for students, by providing a bus network that runs periodically from the residence to the university every 30 minutes throughout the day and week.
  • Save time and effort for the student by providing all services under one roof in the student service center
  • Providing comfortable and safe transportation for students to reach their destination inside the university campus and to participate in activities and events outside it.
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